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[Backer Release] Tainted Space 0.6.55

cheshireCatSmile37_emmy_dof_nudePATREON ALERT: I can’t post the game on there right now because the posting dialogue appears to be borked. I’ll try again in the morning – gotta get some Z’s. The Patreon build is up!

Gedan has been super busy working on trying to get us a better way to distribute the builds to Offbeatr and Patreon supporters alike, so there haven’t been as many hands in the code as of late. That said, we still have some new content for you guys to play with!

0.6.55 Changelog:

  • New scenes for the dryad and male zil for those with female parasitic tails.
  • New busts for: the pexiga, Terensha, Anno, Horace Decker, Female Lane, Nayna, the bathing Myr Honeypot, and the group of gold myr bathers.
  • Add a mysterious item that makes butts bigger. For now, I threw it somewhere on Uveto, but it’ll move to some mad scientist’s lair down the road.
  • Gryvain members have been added to the D.Designer.
  • Added a bad-end to the Nyrea – don’t lose too many times in a row.
  • Probably a few other tweaks here or there.

Emmy can’t fit all this awesome in her panties (by CheshireCatSmile37!)

Random Update

I’m not posting enough small updates for you guys lately, that’s for sure. But first, remember that the public build should hit in about 24 hours. Asking more won’t make a difference.

That said, I wanted to touch base on what’s been going on in Fen-town. Mostly I’ve just been writing a new laquine NPC, Nayna Triverre, a climatologist stationed on Uveto. I had to make a new character in order to fulfill a custom scene on my list that demands a futa who is almost completely, blissfully unaware of sexual matters. None of the current characters really fit for it. Oh, and did I mention that the character needs to cum like a freight train? Cause they do. So yeah, new furry futa to fill PCs and fulfill my obligations.

bustprevMy code time is probably going to start looking at Uveto sometime after the public release. We may see the layout of the first town plop soon. Also, and perhaps sooner, Gedan has been doing work overhauling the bust display system.

<3 you guys, and thanks for showing up in such droves for Shou and Adjatha’s art streams. I’m sure they were both thrilled to have over 100 viewers during their streams today.

Update: 3,900 word day. Not bad, Fenwrites. Not bad.

Titty Sprinkles – [Backers] 0.6.42

jayecho_korgonne_sketchNew patches for backers are all the rage! Remember, if you want to get the latest and greatest, Patreon is the place to go. A new free build will drop in early April – no foolin’.

0.6.42 Changelog:

  • A new character can be found in the northwest corner of Gildenmere’s mushroom park – but she is time-sensitive, so wait around if she isn’t there. Thanks for writing her Foxxling, and thanks for coding her, Jacques00!
  • A raft of bug fixes!
  • Emmy now has scenes for characters too big to fit inside her. Enjoy!
  • Atha’s busts are in game!

The changelog is short, but the new content isn’t! Thanks for sticking with us, folks!

Brace yourself, the Korgonne are coming… (Art by JayEcho)

Work & Stuff


Art by DCL

No new patch today! I didn’t get a tremendous amount done today. One thing I’m discovering with cutting out caffeine and alcohol from my diet is just how dependent on them I am. I didn’t drink that much booze, but I typically had at least a beer almost every night. So now that I’m not drinking it at all, I’m finding that I’m sleeping worse, and without caffeine to help prop me up during the day (plus added fatigue from my lack of caffeine), I’m not exactly 100%.

So I mostly just managed to catch up on my communications with team members and spend two hours reviewing the “serious-mode” version of the ganrael that Zeikfried has been cooking up. It’s crazy complicated! I’ll probably try to rough out the sex scenes but let Gedan handle the combat code for them, mostly Z wants some crazy stuff to happen in their fights AND I’m not familiar with any of the new combat workings yet.

Speaking of our local code-dragon, she informs me that one of Savin’s group combat adventures is mostly done. It just needs actual testing and tuning. Hopefully we can bukkake that over our backers faces sometime next week!

Also, I spent some time crapping out some youtube footage I had taken/editing last week onto my channel. One of the videos is below the break if you wanna poke at it. The other should pop up sometime tomorrow afternoon. It was a good mindless task for me to poke at around today.


Back in the office

Syri, Freja, & Oilyskar (Cheshire) PART 2 (Lowres)Savin here. Between Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years, and dentist visits, the last month wasn’t exactly brilliant for keeping consistent work weeks. That’s all behind me now, so I should be back to my normal six-day schedule for the foreseeable future. Least until I have to go in and get my wisdom teeth out, but I dunno when that’s gonna be yet. Lame.

Anyway, to update you on what I’ve been working on lately….

Back in December, I finished off a device I call the Egg Trainer. It’s a TamaniCorp product that, well, fills you full of eggs to seriously stretch out your butt and/or pussies. Once you’re adjusted to it, the device can seal them in to both keep you massively gravid (with progressively higher lust gains as your character enjoys the ever-more-full sensations) and occupy a womb against actually getting egged by nyrea/Queen of the Deep etc. My eggnancy boner went pretty stronk on that one, not gonna lie.

My current priority has been editing Yammi’s follower content, and generating some sex scenes for her. I reorganized her old document and edited her into shape, but I ended up having to take a break from it when I bumped into some pretty weird content her author’d left that basically turned her into Yammibal Lector: keeping humanoids chained up in your ship as “harvest girls” for her kitchen… yeah. I’ve revised that a little bit to be at least somewhat less creepy and contradictory to her character as an ex-debt slave, and now smuttiness should be full steam ahead. Most of the scene ideas I’ve come up with for her are probably going to be fairly food-centric, from licking a whipped cream bikini off her to using alien vegtables (ie, spess cucumbers) on her like a dildo — seems appropriate for the ship’s chef, and it’s something I haven’t really done before. Fun times.

Between poking away at Yammibal Lector, I’ve also swung back around to start back in on good ol’ Reaha. Poor girl got lost in the ever-growing pile of stuff I need to do for almost a year. The content for her addiction-cured path is now mostly done, aside from pitching in new sex scenes and probably some unique content for convincing Reaha to start whoring again (this time for you, as a free woman). Whether that’s Steele pitching in to take johns with her or just getting some voyeuristic action over your ship’s cameras, we’ll have to see. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish her off right after Yammi.

Other than that… depending on how dead Gedan is after finishing off the combat 2.0 business, I’d like to start hammering out ship combat/mechanics. If not, then maybe work on the Tavros Station nursery. Who knows!

Can’t remember if I posted this art before, but I don’t think so. I blame losing the old blog if I have! Followup to last year’s sauna pic, done by Cheshire of 3 potential Uveto (the next TiTS planet) NPCs: Eimear, Syri, and Freja. Poor Syri looks like she’s about to pop~

[Backers] Tainted Space 0.6.18

Public build will be early December.

0.6.18 Changelog:

  • Vagina and Penis descriptions have been torn down and rebuilt.
  • Finding GaloMax is now available as a random event. You can only find it twice atm.
  • GaloMax afflicted players can now manipulate their hair and biomass settings.
  • Probably a bunch of other junk I’m too sick/tired to think of. Mostly fixes, though.

Pre-emptive happy Turkey Day from us here. Don’t expect any special event for the holiday, but be sure to visit Canada (the Turkey-girl) in New Texas!

Plans and Stuff

Amara Armored (JayEcho)Okay, so, due to some coding conflicts you may have noticed the adventure I was writing didn’t make it in for Halloween. Oh well — just gives me a lot more time to make it better! I’ll be taking a couple more days to finish that off, since I used the time I would have finished it in to make my Poe A festival costume. As you might have guessed, the adventure leans pretty heavily on the new combat systems Gedan mentioned a few days ago, as does Kara’s new quest and the (eventually) upcoming SyriQuest.

Really I’m just made of quests at this point. Who needs waifus when you can have ADVENTURE!

…That being said, those of you who’ve been around since TiTS’s Offbeatr campaign may remember that one of the bonus reward ya’ll unlocked was an extra crewmember — Yammi — coming on as the PC’s cook. In the absence of her original writer, Fenoxo’s asked me to round out her long-written crewman content with some sex scenes, so that’s what I’ll be doing as soon as Spoopytits (fuck it. Adventure name: The Kashima Incident. Also known as “Jesus why are there tentacles everywhere ahhhh”) is done. AND THEN SYRIQUEST I SWEAR ON ME MUM.

And then get fukken hyped for Fallout 4.

Art by JayEcho of Amara Faell, a Black Void pirate lord and a boss in the upcoming KaraQuest 2. A badass with a great ass, amirite?

Shoutout for a Friend

Hey guys, a quick plug for a friend here:

A lot of you probably remember our artist bro Renezuo (the guy who did the awesome TiTS Bestiary, if you don’t). His fiance had an emergency hospital trip a short time ago, and as my fellow Americans probably can understand, that left them saddled with a daunting bill at the end. Renezuo’s decided to put together an sketch pack with some help from several other artists (including familiar faces like Shou and Cheshire) to help cover it. It’s pay-what-you want (past $2), but I’m sure every cent’s really appreciated.

You can read a little more, or get the sketch pack, here.

Take care of yourselves.

The Treatment: Chapters 7-8

This concludes all that I’ve written for the treatment. Expect blog content and updates to flow regularly once more starting Monday.

Chapter 7: Potential Solutions

3561 words, dickgirl nurse, blowjob, oral, sex, messy orgasms, lactation, friendship is magic.

The interior of the examination room was cold and spartan. The floor gleamed under the glo-lamps, recently cleaned with some strong-smelling cleanser, and the examination table was barely padded. Cass made a show of climbing onto it, lifting one leg and then the other, sensuously arching her back before twisting up into a sitting position. Old instincts had her come to rest with her knees together, but a nagging itch in her cream-filled slit slowly edged them apart.

Cass placed her hands alongside her and kept her posture, pressing her tits forward for effect while she thought. Everything was coated in a candy sheen of awesome. It was like imperfections just ceased to exist. She didn’t notice the mole just south of the nurse’s ear. She saw good bone structure and the face that the girl could have after a trip to a beauty parlor… or the treatment. Now there was a new idea. The treatment had seemed so bad when she had first took it, but now, she had big, sensitive tits that felt so good to play with. And there was no denying how positively euphoric it left her. What if everyone could feel like this? (more…)

[Story] The Treatment, Chapters 4-6

Chapter 4: Bovine Awakening

2400 words, Breast and hip growth, Altered thought processes, Urges…

Cass awakened with her head feeling fuzzier than the time she drank a whole bottle of devarian wine, only this time without the pounding headache. In its place was a feeling of warmth and… rightness. It was the only way to describe the emotion, really. A wide smile spread across her face as she stretched while a new sensation rapidly made itself known to her. There was a weight on her chest, though it wasn’t uncomfortable. It was pleasant, in its own way, like having someone on top of you, snuggling.

Sitting up, the kaithrit blinked open her muzzy eyes and looked down. She had tits! There was a pair of bouncy boobs sitting right on her chest, and they were hers! Cass hugged them tightly to herself and giggled in delight. She hadn’t felt this wonderful since she first laid eyes on her ship! No, this was better! Boobs were way better than any rusty old junk-bucket. They couldn’t have been much bigger than B-cups, maybe C-cups if she was lucky. Cass hadn’t shopped for bras in so long that it was hard to judge, though she supposed she would get to catch up on it once she landed. (more…)

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